Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooked Cabbage

I love cabbage, raw, semi-raw, rolled, fried, boiled, I like it. When I fixed it the other night I did it just a little differently than the way I normally do, surprise!! LOL

I chopped it up in small enough peieces that it doesn't choke you going down because it is LONG, put it into a large skillet with melted butter and fried it with some chopped red onions. I think I used half an onion and enough cabbage to cover the bottom of the pan and heap upwards some but not spilling over the pan rim.

I covered the pan with the lid and let it cook some until it was pretty soft, but not all the way. I added about half a cup to a cup of water and some caraway seeds, covered, and let it cook some more, till it was all soft. Remember, if it's cooked veggies they have to be cooked soft for Mom to like them. :) She liked it. I did, too, so did Denny. Three out of three! YAYAYAYYAYY

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