Sunday, February 21, 2010

Waffles for Breakfast!

You know what??? Adding TWO eggs to the pancake mix to make waffles sure does make a difference!! I know, I know... you already know that, no doubt. It takes some folk a little more time to make a connection. I've only been cooking for what... a little over 40 years?

I've seen waffle recipes and they all have TWO EGGS instead of the ONE EGG for pancake recipes. I just didn't really make the connection of WHY until this morning. Never paid attention before. And I've been using my pancake (griddle cake) mix and just adding the one egg. The waffles turned out all right, nothing wrong with them... but when you put in the suggested TWO eggs. POOF! They poof right up there and get light and fluffy instead of flat and stuffy. Go ahead... say it with me.. ::: duuuuuuuhhhhh ::::

They were good waffles. Thick, light, fluffy, full of carbohydrates... Mom ate poached salmon and a poached egg. I fixed toast for her, too, but it turned black so I mixed that piece in with the dogs' food. They loved it. LOL

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