Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meat Loaf

Well... thought I should get back here. Mom had a bit of a mishap Friday morning, she fell and hit her head on the floor and it caused a bleed on her brain so she IS in the hospital and getting so much better. They had her up and walking a little bit this afternoon and had her sitting in a chair for a couple of hours. She's eating well, too! Tonight she is having beef stroganoff, which sounds sooooo good.

Thursday night Mom fixed meatloaf for supper. We've been having trouble with it sticking together! We haven't been doing anything different, we don't think anyway, but since we don't measure this or that, who knows! But we generally use a pound of ground beef, an egg, quick cooking oatmeal, spices, chopped onion, and milk. It's always worked before, but these last few times we've had to scoop it out and serve it with a SPOON! It still tasted as good as it always does when Mom makes meatloaf, though.

This time we did it a little differently. To the pound of ground beef I added a pound of bulk sausage, we used two eggs instead of one. After it was ketchupped on top and put into the oven, Mom remembered she didn't put in any spices or salt, but it was just too late then. I had the idea put it into the top of my steamer so the grease could drip down the holes into the pan. That was a good idea but it didn't work. A LITTLE grease dripped down, but the rest just stayed on top the meatloaf. Bigger holes are called for, I think. I'm wondering now, when I put meatloaf in the pan I usually pull it away from the sides of the pan after I pat it down. Mom doesn't. I wonder if that is having something to do with the meat not sticking together!

Oh.. her meatloaf Thursday night tasted just fine without the spices. LOL

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