Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheater's Guide to Italian Cream Soda

Any of you like cream soda? I do. Go to the store and get a can/carton of cream soda and it is just plain good. One day at a restaurant I tried Italian cream soda. WOA! Now that stuff is GOODER than good!

When I got home I looked up recipes for making it. It isn't hard, but unless you have different flavored syrups and keep cream handy in the fridge, like me, you aren't going to make it too often.

The other day I got to thinkin', which doesn't always turn out well, but this time I think it did. I've been buying seltzer water: it doesn't have any sugar, no fake sugar, no salt, no flavor, just carbonated water. And I have been buying the flavored creamers for my coffee, not the fake creamers, the ones with cream and milk in them. What if..... so I tried it. I put some of my flavored creamer, I think it was the cinnamon one, in a glass and added the seltzer water, stirred gently till well mixed, and it was ... good. A cheat, maybe, but hey! It worked!

So... grab some of your favorite flavored coffee creamers with the real cream and milk in it, add it to some seltzer water to taste, and you're got a fairly decent cream soda!

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