Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Soup!

Only because it's the first soup I made in the new year and had to give it a name so hubby would think I got it from a cook book. :::: eyeroll :::: It DID turn out good, even if I didn't get it from a cook book. I won't give exact amounts for the ingredients because I don't know the exact amounts for the ingredients. I don't actually measure, I toss in stuff. Besides, we all know you're gonna change the ingredients anyway. LOL

New Year Soup

  • pork broth (I used the broth I saved from roast pork)
  • cooked pork, chopped (I used the left over pork from the roast)
  • green beans, frozen or fresh
  • smoked sausage slices (Johnsonville or other brand works fine)
  • onions chopped
  • sweet corn, frozen or fresh
  • collard greens, frozen or fresh, chopped into small pieces and don't need a lot of this
  • cabbage, cut bite sized 
  • red pepper chunks
  • green pepper chunks
  • tomato sauce (I used the small can because I didn't make the normal size big pan of soup)
  • salt and pepper
  • sage, basil, oregano, rosemary, celery salt, garlic, touch of lavender blossoms, parsley
Toss it all into a pan and cook it up. You may need to add extra water as it cooks. Let it cook for a few hours to blend it. Put it away and heat it up the next day for the BEST flavor, of course, but if you can't wait, go for eating the day you cook it. LOL 

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